Advantage's Environmental Team developed a creative Remedial Action Plan that saved time and money.

Our client's site had extensive soil contamination. We kept their project on time and on budget because of our knowledge expertise and creative problem-solving.

Advantage was contracted by Rockefeller Group Development Corporation (Rockefeller) to provide pre-construction geotechnical and environmental services on the site of a former agricultural operation with known soils contamination due to prolonged herbicide and pesticide usage which was planned for development of a multi-building distribution center comprising 1.25 MSF of modern logistics. Due to widespread arsenic contamination and localized dieldrin hotspots within the site topsoil, Advantage’s LSRP was tasked with finding a creative, cost-effective remedial action plan (RAP) to allow for development of project to be realized by addressing the large volume of contaminated soil, with the end result being a Response Action Outcome (RAO).

Advantage completed a detailed investigation and laboratory testing program to establish the vertical and horizontal extent of the arsenic and dieldrin contamination across the property. Through collection of over 100 soil samples, collaboration with the site civil engineer and client, as well as thorough knowledge of the NJDEP guidance documents, we arrived at a soil exchange solution which came at a significant cost reduction compared to export of the soil, import of “clean” topsoil to cap it within berms, or other alternatives which would have added significant time and cost to the project, including another round of reviews due to alterations to the site plans of record.

As a result of finding the right solution to address the issue, the project schedule was not impacted, project budget remained intact and ultimately the facility was constructed successfully and the RAO achieved in a timely manner.

  • Known Soils Contamination on Site
  • RAO Included Cost-Effective Soil Exchange