On a Friday afternoon in late January 2020, a client’s cell site was damaged due to a fire in a storage facility in Beesleys Point, NJ. The flames damaged the client’s equipment and hybrid cables that were in a 2nd floor unit, taking the site down completely. Our client trusted Advantage Engineers to get the site up and running using Cell on Wheels (COW).

Our team assessed the situation and immediately produced a plan to get the site back on air. The client decided they could not wait until the following week, so Advantage coordinated efforts to get the project in motion over the weekend, enlisting a tower crew, finding materials needed including 180’ hybrid cables, and arranging for a COW to be delivered on Saturday morning. We ensured an electrician could be on site and met with them to accept delivery of the asset to have it placed appropriately for the temporary deployment. Power was removed from the building and installed in a temporary fashion to power up the COW. There were many other details that had to be coordinated including the fiber backhaul rerouting and repair. By 4:30 p.m. the following Monday, the site was officially back in service.

Our team has deployed many special events for this client, so they know to call Advantage if they are ever in a crunch. The success of getting this temporary site up and running in 3 days a testament to our team, our client’s trust in us, and the relationships we have built with the vendors involved.


Advantage Engineers quickly deployed a temporary site for a national carrier after a fire took it off air.



  • Quickly and efficiently got the clients site up and running using Cell on Wheels (COW) after a fire.
  • Mobilized a tower crew and an electrician to be on site to assist; collected materials as well as delivery of the COW all over the weekend.
  • Rerouted fiber backhaul and coordinated with the fiber backhaul provider to re-tip damaged fiber in time to get the site turned up on Monday.