Advantage is Consulting with Pitkin County, Colorado to Improve Residential Access to Quality Broadband Service

Pitkin County understands that quality broadband infrastructure is important for the lives and livelihoods of its residents. Advantage is delighted to be part of the team that will help them understand the path forward to achieving their connectivity goals.

Pitkin County, Colorado is seeking improved broadband connectivity for its residents and businesses. Advantage Engineers is excited to consult with Pitkin County to help them achieve these goals because we believe in improving connectivity and accessibility to unserved and underserved communities.

As a first step, Advantage will prepare a customized and comprehensive needs assessment and feasibility study. It will include developed middle mile and last mile connectivity solutions, identified partnerships, financial modeling, and engineering and construction estimates.

Advantage has extensive experience bringing communications infrastructure into communities. As part of the assessment, we'll identify stakeholders, partners, and possible funding sources. We'll review the market, existing public and private assets, and existing entitlements, easments and agreements that could support the infrastructure. And we will map out a public-private partnership model that suits the needs of the County.

Site visits are always important when considering an initiative like this. In this case it is especially true because of the County's mountainous terrain. We will also visit the priority coverage areas and communities.

Finally, Advantage will provide the County with operational and organizational recommendations for maintaining the network. We anticipate a continued partnership with Pitkin County through the implementation phase of this important initiative.

  • Aspen is seat of Pitken County
  • Mountainous terrain presents challenges