Advantage Team assists with the design and construction of DAS at a major sports venue

A new DAS by a national carrier met the demands of fans at a Philadelphia stadium. Advantage and Intenna Systems collaborated to bring the new and existing infrastructure together with no loss of service.

The system required redesign and relocation of existing wireless infrastructure in addition to the design and installation of the new equipment.

Advantage Engineers performed comprehensive survey and design services for the fiber and cables for the installation as well as construction drawings and project and construction management. We also worked closely with Intenna Systems, a provider and systems integrator for DAS networks. They designed the DAS fiber, power boosters, antennas and supplied the labor and expertise for a passive DAS system for additional carriers to access the network. Advantage converted their schematic designs into working construction drawings.

The system required the installation of a new Macro Cell inside of the stadium, along with the relocation of the existing cell, expansion of the physical footprint, and installation of Ethernet Backhaul, fiber, and new antennas inside Stealth enclosures.

  • Relocated existing cell without interrupting operations
  • Upgraded existing CDMA system with 4G LTE
  • Upgraded power for carrier
  • Designed and Installed Ethernet Backhaul
  • Integrated wireless system into stadium back-up power generator