Subsurface Investigations & Engineering Analysis

Advantage's Geotechnical engineering services includes the evaluation of subsurface conditions and provides recommendations and conclusions with regard to the construction and support of the project. The service may include detailed field investigation, laboratory testing program, geotechnical engineering analysis, and preparation of a final report presenting the results of the field investigation, laboratory testing, and engineering analysis.

Advantage takes pride in bringing value to each of our projects and we specialize in identifying cost-savings alternatives relating to foundation support systems, pavement design and other site engineering components such as steep slopes and retaining walls.

Our Services & Expertise Includes:

  • Geotechnical engineering analysis
  • Detailed subsurface investigation
  • Test boring, core sampling, exploratory excavations
  • Geologic site assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Foundation design recommendations
  • Detailed settlement analysis
  • Groundwater control recommendations
  • Structural fill recommendations & specification development
  • Deep foundation recommendations & design
  • Geophysical investigations & surveys
  • Historical mining reviews
  • Bedrock surface profiling & rock quality analysis
  • Flexible & rigid pavement design
  • Ground modification programs