Geotechnical Engineering Services

With the challenging complexity of earth and soil conditions, and the need to develop difficult sites and urban areas, the services of a highly qualified geotechnical expert are increasingly in demand.

Because our geotechnical engineers and scientists all have a solid understanding of geology, hydrology, and construction, Advantage Engineers is highly qualified to provide specialized investigative, remedial and design services in public and private sectors. We have extensive experience in sinkhole prone regions underlain by carbonate geology, providing solutions for foundation design that allow sound, solid construction of buildings, structures and other facilities.

Our Services & Expertise Includes:

  • Subsurface Investigations & Engineering Analysis
  • Slope Stability Analysis & Design
  • Sinkhole Repair & Risk Mitigation
  • Stormwater Management Investigations
  • Dams Inspection & Rehabilitation
  • Forensic Evaluations & Expert Testimony