Advantage Engineers is a value added partner in the construction industry. We bring to the table in-depth, scientific understanding of the parameters of design and bring it to construction in all sectors of development. We provide construction inspections, environmental, geological and hydrogeological investigations, materials testing, all the services needed to allow construction on sites with unique conditions. Our experts understand karst geology, urban site constraints, and other challenging construction conditions. Our experience spans the development industry.

Warehouse & Logistics Centers

Advantage Engineers provides high level, geotechnical design and construction phase services for the development of warehouse and logistics centers. Our experience and thorough understanding of the demands of the commercial real estate industry enables Advantage to provide a level of service unparalleled in the industry. We pride ourselves on protecting the interests of our clients and the willingness to "think outside the box" to develop time and budget sensitive solutions for development of the large project sites associated with this segment of the market.

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