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In our industry, technology is an important tool that allows our team to prosper. We utilize the most up to date software including CAD and design programs to complete all civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical designs required for our projects. We also utilize mapping software to import field collected data from GPS units. A cloud based solution is used to share work with coworkers and clients, and a robust accounting system is used for tracking time and expenses. We are constantly seeking opportunities to increase efficiency through the use of new technology.

Build Innovative Solutions

At Advantage, you will find the support to develop your career in an environment that fosters your talents and ideas, and provides you with unique professional opportunities. You will play a part in building innovative solutions to some of the most complex and important projects. View our Featured Projects.

See What Others Have to Say About "Life @ Advantage"

I chose Advantage because the CEO treated me like I've been with the company for years. Since I've been with Advantage, the best thing that has happened to me is that I passed my FE Exam. Passing that allows me to start working towards my PE License.

My favorite part about Advantage is the enthusiasm that comes from all of the employees, especially from the leadership, because that makes me look forward to my future work at our firm. My future goal is to become a Professional Engineer and to one day open an Advantage Engineers branch office in Pittsburgh.

[Geotechnical Specialist & E.I.T., 1+ years with Advantage]

The best thing about working at Advantage is that our office is productive and efficient while still maintaining a calm, friendly atmosphere. I rarely feel overly stressed by deadlines or heavy workloads, but I always have something to work on. The flow of projects is well managed.

In addition, I feel like the knowledge and skills I gathered in school are being fully utilized. I continue to sharpen my structural engineering capabilities while learning about telecommunications at a fast pace.

[Structural Engineer, 1+ years @ Advantage]

The best thing about working at Advantage is that I'm on my own a lot and able to work in different locations. I either go to a construction site for inspection work or I'm out drilling with a crew. I also conduct lab work and daily schedule coworkers to their respective projects.

[Geotechnical Specialist, 2+ years @ Advantage]

The most fascinating aspect of my position is that every day is different than the one before, and every project presents different challenges. I also enjoy meeting new people throughout the different project sites I visit.

[Geotechnical Specialist, 3 years @ Advantage]

The best thing about working at Advantage is the team that I work with. Everyone pulls together and is willing to help each other and do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter what the job is.

Another thing I enjoy is that every day is something new. Every day is a new challenge. It's never the same situation day after day, so you stay fresh and challenged.

[Project Manager, Telecommunications, 7 years @ Advantage]

The best thing about working at Advantage is the people you meet. We have excellent internal expert resources in different areas.

What is the most fascinating aspect of my position? The variety. Over the years cross training has been a focus of mine. I want to know as much as I can about the services Advantage provides. I enjoy the fact that one day I could be working on a geotechnical project, then an environmental assessment, then the following day selling telecom compliance services.

[Senior Project Manager, Environmental, 10 years @ Advantage]

The best thing about working at Advantage is the amount of true teamwork and desire to help one another that is so prevalent. It’s unlike any other firm I’ve seen or been a part of.

[Regional Director, 11 years @ Advantage]
Our Mission

Our mission fuels our dedication and commitment to staff success. This provides an environment of encouragement and teamwork like none other.

"To be a preferred provider of specialty engineering services while maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction and staff fulfillment."