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Water Tower Cell on Wheels System Implementation
Advantage Engineers is coordinating and managing the implementation of a Cell On Wheels (COW) system to manage a wireless network during the maintenance of a water tower in Columbia, Howard County, Maryland. A COW system is a mobile cell site consisting of antenna towers to sustain critical cell service. Advantage uses COW systems at tower site locations to provide immediate coverage with few costs other than leasing, electricity and backhaul.
The scope of work includes the design plan and coordination of temporary facilities during the water tower’s scheduled maintenance. Advantage procured design plans from each of the major wireless carriers present on the structure. During the removal phase, Advantage facilitated the relocation of each of the antennas, including the removal sequence, for all cell towers located on the water tower. Advantage monitors the temporary cell site daily. If any conflicts arise during the four-month use of the COW system during water tower maintenance, Advantage will resolve issues quickly. The final phase of the project will commence after the water tower’s maintenance is complete and will include the replacement of wireless carrier’s cell tower equipment and infrastructure from the COW system back onto the water tower. Advantage anticipates project completion in June 2015.

The City of Columbia, MD

Columbia, Howard County, MD