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Burnt Mill Pond Environmental Testing
Advantage Engineers recently completed environmental sampling at the existing Burnt Mill Pond dam for the City of Vineland, New Jersey. The existing dam consists of an earthen embankment with heavy tree and brush vegetation in a rugged terrain. The dam experienced severe erosion damage and breach conditions following Hurricane Irene (2011). The City has scheduled the dam for rehabilitation.  
Advantage performed environmental sediment sampling on the upstream side of the dam. Three borings were completed utilizing a track mounted Geoprobe rig. Advantage then collected nine environmental samples from the sediment, which were analyzed for total metals and Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) metals. The contaminants of concern at the site are associated with an EPA Superfund site located approximately two miles from the dam and include chromium, vanadium, chromium, copper, mercury and nickel. 
The City of Vineland plans to use the results from Advantage’s sampling event to determine a course of action, including the management and/or removal of sediments from the site during the rehabilitation of the dam. This project is important to the City due to the proximity of the site to residential areas and the possibility for human contact with contaminated sediments.
Prior to this environmental investigation phase of the project, Advantage performed a geotechnical study of subsurface conditions in the proximity of the earthen dam. The geotechnical data was used in order to conduct slope stability analyses of embankments near the dam.  

The City of Vineland, New Jersey

Vineland, New Jersey