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Bellmawr Waterfront Former Landfill Redevelopment
Advantage Engineers is providing geotechnical investigation and laboratory testing services for Bellmawr Waterfront Development in Bellmawr, New Jersey. The project site, which includes a portion of a 300-acre, former municipal landfill, will be redeveloped into a commercial retail center.  
During the first phase of Advantage’s work at the site, the geotechnical team completed a full review of the existing geotechnical engineering data and reports in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface stratigraphy and engineering characteristics of the materials present. This allowed Advantage to establish an approach for the next phase of the project.
Next, the team completed a thorough invasive field investigation and laboratory-testing program in order to characterize soil conditions. A total of 40 test borings were drilled to define the varying depths of the municipal waste that was below the “clean” soil cap. Advantage then installed 30 extensometers (spider magnets) in 6 of the deep borings to measure which layers of the landfill were undergoing the largest amount of settlement. Additionally, Advantage oversaw the installation of settlement plates and surcharge piles on sections of the proposed building pads. These surcharge piles were installed to induce settlement of the “clean” soil cap, trash, and clay layers to accurately determine if settlement of the site has concluded. 
The geotechnical field investigation was completed in December 2015, and monitoring of the spider magnets, settlement plates and surcharge piles will continue into the spring of 2016. Advantage will complete a final geotechnical engineering analysis and report for the client including recommendations and the results of the first and second phases of the project. 

Bellmawr Waterfront Development, LLC.

Borough of Bellmawr, New Jersey