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Underground Storage Tank Removal and Environmental Testing

Advantage Engineers recently completed environmental sampling at an underground storage tank (UST) site at East Vincent Elementary School located in Spring City, Pennsylvania. This school is part of the Owen J. Roberts School District and is planned for demolition in the near future. As part of the demolition, the School District planned to remove the UST on the property.

Advantage was tasked with collecting soil samples following the removal of the UST to confirm that the integrity of the tank was upheld and that no product leaked into the surrounding soil. Following completion of the pump-out and removal of the tank (performed by third party), Advantage collected five soil samples from various areas in the excavation. These samples were collected from the excavator bucket; specifically samples were collected from soil that had not come in contact with the sides of the bucket.

Following the collection of the soil samples, the area was backfilled. Advantage was tasked with overseeing the backfilling operation and testing the compaction of the soil to ensure that this task was completed properly.

The report found the tank to be in good condition with no visual indication or signs of a product release. Two out of the five soil samples collected showed detectable concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds at concentrations that were below the Residential Health Standard. All remaining samples collected from the tank excavation had no detectable concentrations of any analyzed compounds. Advantage recommended that no additional work at the site was warranted.

Owen J. Roberts School District

Spring City, PA