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Waterfront Station BIM Drawings

Advantage Engineers is developing a 3-Dimensional plumbing building model for a new upscale mixed-use development in Washington D.C. The project, Waterfront Station, includes 11-stories with two additional levels underground. The developer plans to include 365-units of residential space and 5,000 square feet of retail space. The project site is just minutes away from the Capitol Building, The White House, Reagan National Airport and the Waterfront Metro Station. The structure is a part of the development of over 2.1 million square feet.   

Advantage is using building information modeling (BIM) to generate and manage a digital representation of the sites, including physical and functional characteristics. The 3-D BIM model supports the developer’s decision-making process and helps to reduce the opportunity for conflicts during the construction phase allowing projects to complete on time and within budget.

During the BIM development phase of the project, Advantage will participate in strategy meetings with the project team to facilitate a plumbing model for each level of the new structures. Throughout this phase, Advantage will identify and solve constructability issues and create a clash-free model of the building for use during the construction phase of the project.

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