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Environmental Site Assessment for 121-Acre Commercial Development
Advantage Engineers completed due diligence and site characterization for an approximately 121-acre parcel located in Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey. The land was formerly utilized for agricultural operations.
Advantage’s initial site evaluation included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment for the site in support of a property transaction and re-development as a warehouse facility. Advantage identified Arsenic and Dieldrin impacted soil during the Phase II ESA, which out team associated with historic agricultural use. Subsequently, the site has moved through the NJDEP’s Site Remediation process under the direct oversight of Advantage’s in-house LSRP (the site’s LSRP of record). 
Our environmental activities included soil boring advancement and the collection of over 200 surface and subsurface soil samples to support the completion of a site investigation, a remedial investigation and the remedial action design phases. Aspects of the site and remedial investigations included determining the nature and extent of arsenic and Dieldrin impacted soil, evaluation of the impact to groundwater pathway, conducting a background investigation and evaluation of soil quality for use on-site as clean fill. 
Advantage utilized data obtained from the site and remedial investigations, as well as direct correspondence with the NJDEP to complete a site and remedial investigations as well as the Remedial Action Work Plan in accordance with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection requirements with the goal of obtaining a Response Action Outcome (RAO) for the site. The site is currently in the remedial action stage. Advantage is currently conducting remedial action under the direct oversight of the site’s LSRP of record.

Cranbury Township

Cranbury Township, New Jersey