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NEPA Compliance Reports for Cellular Antenna Modification Project

As part of a cellular antenna modification project for a major wireless carrier, Advantage Engineers has completed several National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance reports on tower and non-tower structures (buildings, water tanks, etc.) throughout Frederick County, Maryland.

Advantage’s scope of work for each site included the determination of impact on the following areas:

  • Historic/Archeological resources;
  • Endangered species;
  • Critical habitats;
  • Wetlands;
  • Floodplains;
  • Wilderness areas;
  • Wildlife preserves; and
  • Indian religious resources.

In order to determine the potential impact of the project on natural resources in the County, Advantage first completed Programmatic Agreement Determinations under Subpart B of 36 CFR 800 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Our team completed this task by reviewing and evaluating sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places and determined eligible sites within the files at the Maryland State Historic Preservation Office. Advantage then proceeded with the submittal of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) reports. The submittals required close consultation with local, State and tribal agencies in order to produce quick turnarounds for aggressive project timelines.  

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