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Geotechnical Engineering Services for an Above Ground Storage Tank

Advantage Engineers provided a subsurface geotechnical engineering investigation for a proposed Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) at a public safety building in Westhampton, New Jersey. Advantage’s scope of work involved defining the subsurface material stratification under the existing site.

The project included the removal of an Underground Storage Tank (UST) and the installation of a new 8,000-gallon AST supported by a concrete slab. The concrete slab will also support a new approximately 10-foot retaining wall. Fully filled, the new AST would weigh approximately 133,000 pounds. The new AST is within the excavation created by the removal of the UST and has a steel cover for safety purposes.

In order to evaluate subsurface conditions, Advantage completed two test borings using a truck mounted drill rig equipped with hollow-stem augers within the footprint of the AST extending to a depth of 25 feet below existing site grades. Advantage collected soil samples at suitable intervals and recorded Standard Penetration Resistance Test (SPT) values. Our team completed the sampling program in accordance with the applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Advantage backfilled all test borings with auger cuttings.

To define the physical characteristics of the soils encountered, Advantage completed a laboratory analysis on a representative soil sample in accordance with ASTM standards including Atterberg limits determination, mechanical gradation analysis and natural moisture content testing. Upon completion, Advantage provided a geotechnical engineering analysis report to the client including final foundation design criteria and site development recommendations.

Burlington County Emergency Services

Westhampton, New Jersey