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Construction Management and Geotechnical Engineering Services for a Monopole Tower

Advantage Engineers provided project and construction management as well as geotechnical services for the construction of a 60-foot monopole tower in Upper Merion Township, Pennsylvania. The project site consisted of an asphalt drive leading to an existing telecommunications site with commercial properties and an interstate bordering the area. The new monopole tower replaced an older tower.

Advantage performed lease negotiations and completed construction drawings in order to file a build permit and begin the construction process. During negotiations, Advantage produced and reviewed documentation for tower manufacturers, general contractors, scheduling, foundation installation and tower construction including lines, antenna and carrier equipment. Advantage provided construction management during site work.

During the construction phase, Advantage provided oversight services including on-site monitoring of activities in preparation of the placement of approximately twenty-eight cubic yards of concrete and installation of rebar. Our team oversaw the field installation of materials including the tower foundation, structure, cables and lines.

For our geotechnical investigation, our team cast and tested five concrete cylinders for unconfined compressive strength testing. Advantage also completed test borings to evaluate subsurface conditions and completed a laboratory analysis of representative soil samples for a foundation design analysis. Our engineering analysis report summarized the results of the work performed and provided the client with conclusions and recommendations regarding foundation design, soil strength conditions and general construction criteria.

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Upper Merion Township, Pennsylvania