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Camden Waterfront Mixed-Use Development

Advantage Engineers provided a Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Investigation for the building of a mixed-use development on the Camden Waterfront in Camden, New Jersey. The project, spread out on 16 waterfront acres, will include several buildings and 3 large, approximately 30 story modern towers to be located near Campbell’s Field and the Adventure Aquarium.  It will also feature over 300 residential units, 1.7 million square feet of office space, a 120-room hotel and additional retail space. At an estimated $1.5 billion, the project construction is slated to begin in fall 2016 with a completion date sometime in 2019.

Our work included a subsurface investigation consisting of test borings and sample collection, laboratory analyses and geotechnical engineering analyses. Specialized drilling equipment was utilized at the site due to the very difficult drilling conditions and very poor soils encountered throughout the project site. The results of our investigation and analyses were detailed in an extensive Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Report which provided not only preliminary foundation recommendations for the proposed buildings on site, but also the results of research on the historic use of the property and how those former uses will impact future construction. The report will also act as a guide for performing more extensive Final Geotechnical Investigations at the site.

Our scope of services included:

  • Preliminary geotechnical investigation;
  • Laboratory analysis of soils; and,
  • Geotechnical engineering analysis and report.

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Camden, New Jersey