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Lake Choctaw & Lake Susquehanna Dam

Advantage Engineers provided geotechnical services for Lakes Choctaw and Susquehanna in Schuylkill and Luzerne counties in Pennsylvania. The lakes consist of earthen embankment structures with a maximum height of 54 feet. Each of the lakes contain converging concrete ogee spillways approximately 140 feet in length.

The scope of the project consisted of preparing engineering studies and design drawings for the upgrade of the dams to meet current regulatory flood control requirements. A detailed hydrologic and hydraulic assessment of the watershed surrounding the dams and the flow characteristics of the impoundments was completed. Inundation mapping and development of an Emergency Action Plan were also prepared for the dams.
An extensive geotechnical engineering assessments of the earthen embankments was also completed which included the development of slope stability models for the dams and the assessment of seepage throughout the dams. The work culminated in the preparation of construction drawings which detail construction of an emergency spillway on the downstream face of the embankments using articulated concrete block and roller compacted concrete.

Eagle Rock Community Association

Schuylkill & Luzerne Counties, PA