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Walnut Bottom Grove

Advantage Engineers performed a hydrogeologic analysis for a proposed residential development within the Township’s Zone 3 Wellhead Protection District for one of their high volume carbonate water supply wells. The township required an evaluation of possible impact to the quantity/quality of groundwater used by the supply well, and an investigation to identify any existing karst features along with developing appropriate mitigation and construction measures that minimize any long-term effects.

Advantage conducted an earth fracture study to evaluate the site and surrounding area for zones of preferential fracturing and enhanced permeability zones. A detailed geologic reconnaissance was completed to aid in characterizing bedrock structure and locations of earth fracturing. An area-wide well survey was also conducted in order to prepare water table mapping. Data was combined with site specific hydrogeologic data to develop a time of travel analysis. The Township accepted Advantage’s findings and recommendations and approved the developer to continue with the project.

South Middleton Township

South Middleton Township, Cumberland County, PA