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Ebbert Springs Protection Plan

Advantage Engineers provided hydrologic and geologic services for spring in Antrium Township, PA. A regional commercial developer was to construct a business park on a property that contained a high volume carbonate spring (average flow of 1,000 gallons per minute) and was a major water supply for a nearby town. A requirement of the developer was to assess the possible impact to the quality and quantity of the spring discharge from the proposed buildings, roads, and infrastructure, including the need for rock blasting. Advantage Engineers was retained to develop a Protection Plan for the spring with special emphasis on earth disturbance and blasting.

Advantage gathered the necessary hydrologic and geologic information and data that would enable the nature and flow regime of the Ebbert Spring to be better understood.
This work included the following:
  • Detailed geologic reconnaissance to characterize the orientation of the carbonate bedrock and the primary zone(s) of permeability;
  • An earth fracture study to identify zones of preferential fracturing and enhanced permeability on the site and surrounding area;
  • A series of probe holes drilled across the site to measure the depth to bedrock and groundwater, and identify the intervals with high secondary porosity that served as principal zones of groundwater flux. 
Groundwater monitoring was conducted for several months to collect sufficient data to prepare groundwater surface mapping. The final product was hydrogeologic mapping which identified the principal flow regimes sourced by the spring, and which required special protections in the form of a buffer zone where no disturbance would occur. A monitoring program was then developed that would enable advanced notice of any effects to the spring quantity or quality.

Regional Commercial Developer

Antrium Township, Franklin County, PA