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4G LTE Network Upgrades

Advantage Engineers provided architectural and engineering service to assist a major wireless carrier in upgrading their existing multiple network technologies into one seamless network. In the Baltimore/Washington D.C. region, the wireless carrier is upgrading upwards of 1300 sites and Advantage is providing A&E services on approximately 330 of those sites. In the Philadelphia region, the wireless carrier is upgrading 615 sites and we are providing A&E services on 208 sites. The project includes deploying a new 3G network along with rolling out a nationwide 4G LTE network. At each site, this includes replacement of the existing antennas with new antennas and retro fitting or removing the existing radio cabinets with new ones.

Our scope of work included the initial audit at each physical site to confirm what was currently installed, then managing all necessary engineering tasks to allow carrier to zone, permit, and construct the network upgrades. This also involved upgrading the network backhaul portion of each site, with most sites upgrading to either fiber optic or MW backhaul.

Our services included:

  • Physical site audit
  • Zoning drawings
  • Construction drawings
  • Structural analysis
  • Structural mapping
  • Structural modification plans
  • Load studies
  • Fiber design
  • Geotechnical studies

Major wireless carrier

Baltimore/D.C. & Philadelphia regions