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ISP Design for Stadium DAS System

Advantage Engineers performed comprehensive survey and design services for the fiber optic and coaxial cables for installation of a leading wireless carrier's Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at a national sports stadium in Philadelphia, PA.

The installation of a new Macro Cell inside of the stadium included the relocation of the existing cell, expansion of the physical footprint, and installation of Ethernet Backhaul, fiber optic lines, and new antennas inside Stealth Enclosures. The installation of a new DAS included working in conjunction with Intenna Systems, a provider and systems integrator for DAS networks. Advantage Engineers provided construction drawings, project and construction management, and also processed the Intenna Systems schematic design into working construction drawings. Intenna Systems provided the design for DAS to show fiber, medium and high power boosters, and antennas, and supplied the labor force and the expertise to install a passive DAS system for additional carriers to access the network.

The project included:

  • 600 antenna locations
  • 8,500 ft. of interior fiber optic cable routing
  • Design of new 592 sq. ft. equipment room

Our services included:

  • Relocation of the existing cell to new area without interruption to operation
  • Upgrade of existing CDMA system by adding 4G LTE
  • Upgrade of the power for wireless carrier
  • Design and installation of Ethernet Backhaul
  • Design and installation for the integration of wireless system into stadium back-up power generator

Leading wireless carrier

National Sports Stadium in Philadelphia, PA