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Backhaul Fiber Optic Laterals

Advantage Engineers provided engineering services for the installation of over 100 fiber optic laterals providing backhaul connectivity to a major wireless carrier's communications facilities throughout the Baltimore network area.

Our scope of work included the following:

  • Field surveys to determine optimal routing
  • Existing public Right of Ways (ROW)
  • Utility easements
  • Facility demarcation

Upon completion of the field survey work, construction documents were produced for use in the permitting and construction of the fiber optic laterals.  

Due to unique challenges along the route of many installations, some project locations required special access or prior approval of Advantage’s credentials. For example, a project located near Amtrak rail tracks and the lateral route was in the track right of way. Due to the safety and security concerns associated with performing field surveys along an active railway, Amtrak performed a thorough review of Advantage’s safety plan and of all personnel proposed for the project. 

Major wireless carrier

Baltimore, MD