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Bridge 2H3

Advantage Engineers conducted the geotechnical engineering investigation for the replacement of Bridge 2H3 in Woodbury, NJ. The replacement of the bridge included the reconstruction and raising of grade of several hundred feet of roadway on either side of the bridge. This plan was complicated by the presence of very soft, compressible, organic soils underlying the roadway and bridge. As a result, Advantage’s geotechnical report for the project included not only deep foundation recommendations for the bridge but also, lightweight fill recommendations for the roadway.

The geotechnical engineering for this project included detailed Pile Capacity Calculations and detailed Settlement calculations due to the underlying soft soils. During construction Advantage provided geotechnical engineering consulting services through on site Pile Installation Inspection. Advantage oversaw the installation and testing of several test piles in order to prepare a Pile Installation Plan for the remainder of the project. Advantage also oversaw the installation and provided recommendations for the lightweight fill placement at the site.

City of Woodbury

Woodbury, NJ