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Caln Township Subdivisions Consulting Services

Advantage Engineers has provided geotechnical consulting services on behalf of Caln Township (Chester County) since 2002. Our scope of services includes the review of Subdivision & Land Development Plans and associated submittals. Submittals include Geotechnical Engineering Reports (GER), Carbonate Assessment Reports (CAR), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Retaining Wall Plans & Calculations, and Stormwater Infiltration Reports (SWR).

Construction Observation & Materials Testing Services

Woods at Edges Mill Subdivsion  Advantage provided construction and observation services on behalf of the local Township to verify that the construction of a 68 unit residential subdivision was completed in accordance with the approved land development plans. Our scope of services included observation and inspection during the installation of approximately 30,000 linear feet of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water service utilities and a box culvert. 

In addition, Advantage provided concrete installation quality testing for sidewalks and curbing, bulk fill placement inspection and asphalt inspection for roadways. Typical services included the verification of the trench subgrade, pipe bedding, pipe diameter, pipe thickness, pipe connections, and approval of backfill material to be used, compaction testing of backfill in lifts according to equipment ratings, manhole placement and review. Our services included review of all land development improvements in order to verify compliance with project plans prior to Township dedication.

Advantage aslo provided Construction Observation and Materials Testing services at these Caln Township subdivisions, including:

  • Bailey Station
  • Kings Grant
  • Woods at Rock Raymond

Caln Township

Chester County, PA