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Lewisburg Development

Advantage Engineers provided geotechnical engineering services associated with a proposed development at an approximately 41-acre property which consisted of a former furniture facility in Lewisburg, Union County, Pennsylvania.  The project site contains numerous partially demolished buildings, exposed concrete slabs and foundations and stockpiles of soil and construction debris. A creek is located in the northern portion of the site. The proposed retail development will include a Giant Food Store, CVS Pharmacy, 2 other retail buildings and a restaurant. Development of the site will also include 2 culverts, parking areas and drive lanes, and stormwater management facilities.

Our geotechnical services include:

  • Detailed subsurface investigation
  • Laboratory testing program
  • Foundation design
  • Pavement design
  • Construction recommendations
  • Preparation of a geotechnical engineering report


Based on conditions during our subsurface field investigation and analysis of the data obtained (i.e. historic Fill, shallow groundwater, weak and yielding soils associated with the underlying carbonate geology), our recommendations included installation of settlement plates, removal & replacement program of the existing Fill, and compaction grouting of the proposed culverts.

JC Bar Properties, Inc.

East Buffalo Township, Union County, PA