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United States Marine Corps, Tower Analysis

Advantage Engineers was contracted by the United States Marine Corps to perform tower mapping and structural analysis in support of technology assessments for emergency communications network upgrades. The multiple communication sites are located on the Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia.

Advantage deployed a team of certified climbers and engineers to perform the tower climb and mapping services. The tower audit findings were assembled into a detailed report which was utilized by our team of Professional Engineers for structural analysis.

The tower audits included the following items:

  • Site information
  • Structural member mapping
  • Tower loading mapping
  • Feedline/waveguide ladder mapping
  • Tower dimensions
  • Condition inspection

Advantage utilizes a Tower Numerics software. Created specifically for communications towers, it’s a general purpose modeling, analysis and design program used to perform structural analyses. In addition, a Power Line Systems non-linear 3-D finite element software is also utilized to perform structural analyses.

Advantage met all USMC and federal acquisition requirements to submit its’ findings and invoices via secure channels. Plus, the anticipated 30 day work schedule was decreased by almost 40%. 





United States Marine Corps

Quantico, Virginia