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Marietta Boiler Plant

Advantage Engineers is providing geotechnical engineering services for the construction of a new single story boiler plant and maintenance garage building for the Donegal Mutal Insurance Company in Marietta, Pennsylvania.  The building is anticipated to measure approximately 4,200 SF in plan area, be comprised of conventional concrete and masonry construction, with a ground floor slab situated close to existing site grades. Development of the project will also include constructing new parking areas, drive lanes, and a stormwater management facility.  

Our scope of work will be to evaluate the soil and bedrock conditions across the project site in order to provide final foundation design criteria, site development recommendations, and assess and minimize the impact of sinkhole development on the project.  

The carbonate bedrock and risk of sinkhole development on the property is critical to the development of suitable design alternatives and long-term performance of the project.  The Advantage team that will be working on this project has provided design and construction phase geotechnical engineering services on millions of square feet of buildings in areas underlain by carbonate geology and has expertise in assessing, managing, and mitigating risk associated with development in sinkhole-prone areas.  



Donegal Mutual Insurance Company

East Donegal Township, Pennsylvania