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Dairy Farm Site Assessment for Bank Refinancing
Advantage Engineers completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for refinancing of the property on behalf of a leading national bank. This property consisted of six separate parcels located on approximately 195 acres comprised of three residential structures, a creamery store and market, agricultural fields, and numerous barns and outbuildings associated with the dairy farm operation.
During our due diligence investigation, a 275-gallon underground storage tank (UST) containing diesel fuel was identified at the site. This UST was anticipated to be at least 50 years old. Since the tank was no longer in use, it was recommended to be removed and the subsurface soils sampled to determine if it has negatively impacted the property.
During the tank removal, impacted soil from the leaking UST was encountered and confirmed through laboratory analysis. Advantage worked closely with the bank and the client to develop a cost effect remediation plan. In order to determine the extent of impact, a subsurface investigation was completed which consisted of seven soil borings extending from 6–14 feet below the surface. After delineating the extent of impact, contaminated soil was removed and post excavation sampling and laboratory analysis was conducted to confirm contamination was removed from the tank location.

A Leading National Bank

Chambersburg, Franklin County, PA