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Restaurant Subsurface Sampling Plan
Advantage Engineers was asked by a national leading bank to develop a sampling plan in order to assess potential impact from an Underground Storage Tank (UST) which has historically been used to contain heating oil. The UST was located within the crawl space and beneath a masonry block wall which appeared to have been built immediately on top of the tank. Due to the complexity from location of the tank, Advantage worked closely with the bank and the client to develop a suitable sampling plan.
Since access to the tank for removal and/or subsurface sampling was not permitted, Advantage developed a Soil Gas Sampling plan to assess the subsurface conditions in the vicinity of the tank. Two soil gas sampling wells were installed at the site in discrete locations in order to allow the restaurant to remain open during the sampling operations. At the conclusion of the project, Advantage recommended that the tank be pumped of all remaining contents and filled with a concrete slurry mix to reduce the risk of future settlement of the masonry wall.

A Leading National Bank

Lebanon, PA