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Automotive Repair Facility Subsurface Investigation
Advantage Engineers completed a Limited Phase 2 Subsurface Investigation at the subject property on behalf of a leading national bank. Based on information from the Transaction Screen, the subject property was utilized as a gasoline station from approximately 1961 to 1989. In 1989, three Underground Storage Tanks (UST) were removed from the property. During the removal, impacted soil was encountered from the leaking tanks. The impacted soil was reportedly removed from the site, cleaned, and returned to the property to backfill the excavation. In addition, groundwater monitoring wells were installed.
Due to the lack of proper tank closure documents and missing post excavation sampling analysis, Advantage conducted a limited subsurface investigation which consisted of four soil borings, laboratory analysis, and groundwater sampling. The sampling results showed elevated levels of gasoline compounds, which exceeded the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) non-residential medium specific concentrations, were still located in the soils at the subject property. Advantage worked with the bank and the client to develop an action plan to address the contamination at the site.

A Leading National Bank

Waynesboro, PA