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Knoebels' Impulse Roller Coaster

Advantage Engineers has provided the geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, foundation design and construction oversight services for “Impulse,” a new steel roller coaster for Knoebels Amusement Resort located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. The project began in June 2014 and we project it to run through spring of 2015.

Our geotechnical engineering services included completion of a subsurface field investigation via test borings, a laboratory testing program and geotechnical engineering analysis and preparation of a final report. Advantage included full-time direction, oversight and monitoring of the drilling operation.

In addition, Advantage is providing construction observation oversight and materials testing services during construction of the roller coaster. Our construction phase services include full-time engineering review and oversight during the placement of structural fill and drilled shaft installation. Our oversight includes the review of drill depths, embedment parameters, casing and reinforcing steel installation and concrete placement for the 159 drilled shafts and 16 combined caisson caps.

The roller coaster designer provided Advantage with foundation reaction forces for 200 anchor points. Using code-specific loading combinations, Advantage used the reactions to factor 75 individual and 16 combined reinforced concrete foundations. In combination with the results of the geotechnical investigation and known constraints, Advantage designed the foundations using 3D modeling software and customized calculation sheets. 

Advantage will also provide retaining wall design consisting of two retaining walls near the roller coaster, which will measure approximately 115 and 251 feet in length.

The “Impulse” roller coaster, scheduled to open spring 2015, will be Knoebels Amusement Resorts first looping steel roller coaster since 2004. The new roller coaster sends riders on a thrilling adventure with over 2,000 feet of track with a vertical rise and drop of 98 feet followed by a cobra roll (two inversions), a vertical loop and a flat spin/rollover element. The “Impulse” features stadium-style seating and lap bar-only restraints on individual eight-passenger vehicles.

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Knoebels Amusement Resort

Elysburg, PA