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Potomac South DAS Upgrade (LTE)

Advantage Engineers is performing architectural and engineering services to upgrade multiple network technologies into one seamless network hosting several national wireless carriers. In Montgomery County, Maryland, Advantage is upgrading 21 sites for a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). The project includes the deployment of a 4G LTE mobile communications network. At each site, this includes replacement of the existing antennas with new antennas and retro fitting or removing the existing radio cabinets with new ones.  

Our scope of work includes an initial audit at each physical site to confirm the GPS coordinates, current technology installed and site conditions compared to existing documents. Advantage is providing certification letters as needed to confirm land survey accuracy. Advantage will manage all necessary engineering tasks to allow the site project manager to zone, permit and construct the network upgrades.

If needed, Advantage will perform structural analyses of subject poles and provide the results to the client. Advantage will submit drawing files for review and approval. Once approved, Advantage will provide final stamped and sealed drawings as well as submit an area map of the sites in Google Earth format.


National Wireless Carriers

Montgomery County, MD