Our professional team takes a collaborative approach and offers a Full Suite of Layer 1 Network Services.

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Planning & Surveying

We review the scope, existing conditions, and upcoming capital improvement projects to determine the most cost-effective option for your project. When the viable routes are determined, we complete a comprehensive survey utilizing GIS equipment and OSP experience.

Engineering & Permitting

We identify required permits and coordinate with necessary, agencies, jurisdictions, and organizations for Right of Way (ROW) access, utility and road crossings, and/or aerial connections. We complete plans with information necessary for permits and construction.

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Inspection & Verification

We provide inspection services during installation. Our As-Built Verifications are generated with GPS Mapping using survey-grade locations or construction redlines based on budget constraints.

We Perform a Full Suite of Layer 1 Network Services

For cell sites to be ready for 5G, it’s important to lay fiber now to small and macro cells, wherever and whenever possible.

You need projects implemented quickly and reliably. You need problems solved, permits pulled, and fiber in the ground. Advantage is a trusted partner who understands the timelines and unique needs associated with fiber design and installation. We plan around the potential issues and long-lead items to keep your project on track.

Turnkey Professional Services Workflow

Client awards route to Advantage. Our team completes scope verification, feasibility, and preliminary route design.

The in-house field technicians conduct field surveys based on what the permit or customer requires.

We initiate the permitting & licensing process, obtain notice to proceed, and manage duration & expiration.

Upon completion, As-Built Verifications are generated with redline drawings and/or GPS Mapping.

The team completes a desktop review, conducts Plat, Facilities, & GIS data research, and identifies required permits.

The team prepares drawings based on make ready analysis, construction guidance, and permitting requirements.

Inspections are conducted throughout the construction process ensuring the scope of work is being adhered to.

Project Types

Long Haul

We design routes to keep optical equipment costs to a minimum. We've worked with ROW owners nationwide, so we can keep your project going, regardless of the number of jurisdictions it crosses.

Middle Mile

Designing within urban and suburban ROW requires an understanding of the density--and complexity--of existing infrastructure. Our designs consider potential impacts and aims for minimum permitting time and cost.

Fiber to Everywhere (FTTx)

Communities that depend on high-speed Internet access are opting to install fiber from a central point directly to the user. Our designs understand the complexity of the FTTx architecture from placing splices, optical network terminations, and slack storage for available expansion. We design efficient routes from hubs to the edge of locations including Home (FTTH), Premise (FTTP), and Tower (FTTT).


When you need to move fiber, you want a partner who understands the issues and can help you manage them. From coordination to oversight of cut over to new facilities, we work with you to plan out a seamless transition without unplanned disruptions to the network.

Employee Spotlight

The best part of my day is getting to work on challenging, meaningful projects and solve problems for our clients.

Aaron Elson
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Employee Spotlight

Being given the trust and freedom to explore my personal career path at Advantage Engineers is something for which I’m very grateful!

Valerie Falkow
Telecom Operations Manager